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Authentic Vintage H'mong Hemp Textile – Indigo Batik with Hand-Drawn and Embroidered Details

Authentic Vintage H'mong Hemp Textile – Indigo Batik with Hand-Drawn and Embroidered Details

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Sold by the meter or the whole roll (487 cm)

Minimum order: 1 meter. Buy the whole role to get a 10% discount

Material: Vintage hemp, natural indigo color, batik pattern

Width: 37.5 cm

Origin: North Vietnam


Discover the rich heritage of H'mong culture woven into each thread of our Authentic Vintage H'mong Hemp Textile. Sourced directly from traditional H'mong skirts, this fabric carries the timeless artistry and deep-rooted traditions of Vietnam's H'mong community.

This luxurious textile is crafted from hemp, handwoven by skilled H'mong women. Unlike mass-produced fabrics, this hemp material has been lovingly used over time, lending it a uniquely soft texture that only adds to its charm.

Drenched in a deep indigo hue, this fabric boasts a color achieved through 100% natural indigo extracts. The fading indigo gives the cloth a vintage allure, making each piece a unique work of art that tells a story of its own.

Immerse yourself in the intricate designs hand-drawn onto the fabric using organic bee's wax—a traditional H'mong batik technique. The classic patterns of H'mong art are beautifully realized, capturing the essence of this rich culture.

Embroidery and Patchwork:
To further embellish this textile, it features meticulous cross-stitched embroidery and fabric patches shaped like diamonds, elements that are quintessentially H'mong. These details not only add to the visual beauty of the fabric but also imbue it with cultural significance.

Ideal for textile aficionados and crafting enthusiasts alike, this fabric provides an exceptional material for creative projects. Its versatility makes it suitable for crafting clothes, bags, home decor items, or simply as a cherished piece in any textile lover's collection.


Fashion and Craft: Perfect for a wide array of creative projects to make one-of-a-kind garments, accessories, home décor items, and more. 

Eco-Friendly Choice: Support sustainable practices and ethical production by choosing these handmade hemp fabrics, which contribute to reduced environmental impact.

Thoughtful Gift: Whether for a crafting enthusiast, a fashion-forward individual, or anyone who appreciates artisanal excellence, these fabrics make an unforgettable gift.

    Your purchase not only supports the artistry and traditions of the H'mong community but also contributes to the sustainable practice of using natural materials and dyes.


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    • Care Instruction & Notes

      - Handmade products are subject to minor imperfections

      - Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting

      - Machine wash at 30 degree or hand wash with mild detergent to preserve the color

      - Dry clean if possible

      - Hang dry is recommended

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