Behind our logo

Finding a meaningful name for a business is usually quite a challenging process. It took us a while to come up with a business name and a logo that reflect who we are and what we are doing. Hence, we think it is worthy of elaborating it to our customers.

Letter V with multiple meanings

Vindigo starts with a V, which, quite obviously, means Vietnam, where all of our products are made. We focus only in handmade items that are made by minority people and by young artists/artisans living in Vietnam. We hope that by sharing the beauty of their work to the world, we are contributing to the conservation and development of their talents, their traditions and, in the end, improving their income.

Besides, V also stands for Vintage, which represents long lasting beauties and qualities. Among our tribal product portfolio, there is a designated space for the vintage collection, including H’mong spirit skirts which were made from 30 to 50 years ago or cloths of the Thai group that are scarce to find in the market. These items are all hand-made by tribal artisans quite long ago and carrying in them a part of history that makes them valuable.

Indigo - a natural representative for plant-base dye culture

Second part of our name is INDIGO. It is the extract from indigo leaves that is very well-known in the natural dyeing world. Indigo coloring requires a lot of time and attention of the makers and although it is common, it is not easy to master. Depending on the number of dips that a fabric takes into the indigo dye, and also other factors of the sun light, humidity…the outcome will be different shades of a beautiful blue. Our products are plant-base colored and indigo is a natural representative to ‘say it out loud’ to the world. Accordingly, indigo blue is the main color of our logo.

H’Mong Sun symbol

Letter O in our logo is replaced by the symbol of the sun in H’mong fabric culture. Most of our products are from the H’mong tribe inhabiting in northwest Vietnam. H’mong people are recognized for their cultivation of hemp fabric, natural dye techniques and fabulous batik drawing and embroidery. The Sun (Hnub in H’mong language) is put at the end of the logo representing a bright future and full of hope for what we are trying to achieve: sharing the beautiful Vietnamese tribal creation to the world.

The curling details on other letters in the logo, like letter V, N, G or the dots on the Is are also denoting from H’mong embroidery symbols.

As a conclusion, we are very happy with our business name and the logo we have. It is a joy to see it more often in product labels or in social media. We hope our explanation keeps you informed and somehow remember us a bit longer.

To know more about where the idea of Vindigo began, click here.

Thank you for reading.