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Woven and embroidered by hand, plant-base colored by tribal artisans in Northern Vietnam

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Event Calendar 2024

We love to join markets and exhibitions where we can meet customers directly and share our passion for tribal textiles. Here are the events in Sweden that Vindigo will participate in 2024.

We hope to see you there!

Event calendar 2024

January - March

  • 16-18 Feb: Sy & Hantverksfestival, Stockholm
  • 02-03 Mar: Änglamässa, Södertälje, Stockholm
  • 21-24 Mar: Nordiska Trädgårdar, Stockholm

April - June

  • 07-09 Apr: Sy & Hantverksfestival, Malmo

July - September

  • 27-28 Apr: Design Market, Winterviken, Stockholm
  • 23-25 Aug: Sy & Hantverksfestival, Gothenburg
  • 27-29 Sep: Sy & Hantverksfestival, Umeå

October - December

  • 25-27 Oct: Sy & Hantverksfestival, Stockholm

Featured collections

  • Huyen, Ireland

    I ordered 2 sets of tableware and 4 pillow covers. The colors are so vibrant and the designs are unique to H'mong. Love the fact that they are handmade and therefore of higher value when gifting

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  • Nhan, Vietnam

    I like yellow color so I ordered a dining set, some throw pillow cases, key fob…all in yellow. The natural dyed color is so lively. The embroidery is very unique. I am very happy with the purchase. Well made products, highly recommended.

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  • Russo, Germany

    These products caught my eyes and heart immediately. The sets are handmade with many care. The combination of color and pattern are so simple elegant. I highly recommend these handmade products and the seller when you are looking for something unique, or simply want to bring some Asian taste to your house or your friend's!!!

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