Caring for Natural Dyed Fabrics

Caring for Natural Dyed Fabrics

Natural dyed fabrics are not only beautiful but also delicate. Proper care and washing can help preserve their colors and extend their life. Here are some tips from Vindigo on how to take care of your natural dye products:

  1. Hand wash your clothes in cold water to prevent pilling and preserve the color. If machine washing is necessary, use the gentle cycle at 30 degrees and separate clothes by color.

  2. Use a neutral pH detergent to prevent color change and remove surface chemicals. Soap nuts are a natural and gentle option.

  3. Avoid using bleach and citrus juices as they can harm the color and fabric. Instead, use soap nuts or neutral pH detergent mixed with water to remove stains.

  4. Always dry in the shade to prevent fading from sunlight. Use a warm iron at a low temperature to prevent shrinking.

  5. Limit washing your clothes continuously to slow down the fading process. Hang them on a clothes hanger instead of throwing them in the washing machine if they are not really dirty.

By following these tips, your natural dye products will stay beautiful and durable over time.

Organic hemp bags in natural yellow dye

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